Kris Lefcoe

Kris Lefcoe

Community Outreach


An Installation for the classroom

The mission of ON DISPLAY Youth is to provide children with a safe environment and tools to create and perform a dance theatre piece that focuses on the beauty of difference. Importance is placed on both the individual as well as the community which we create in the classroom. Through a structure inspired by Heidi Latsky’s company of dancers with abilities and disabilities alike, students will gain kinesthetic awareness, creative problem solving and a strong sense of leadership paired with teamwork skills, all of which are part of the goal of instilling confidence and pride through the accomplishment of creating a work of art together.

A pilot program with the Manhattan School for Children (P.S. 333) launched in the 2015-16 school year. MSC is a physically inclusive school serving a vast population of students with disabilities. HLD presented and performed ON DISPLAY with a corps of 7th/8th & 4th grade students.

This outreach can be tailored for the specific venue, community, and needs, be it staff development or training, group workshops, or performances with talk-backs.

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