Kris Lefcoe

Kris Lefcoe

Community Outreach

Heidi Latsky Dance has a strong history of community engagement through:

  • ON DISPLAY GLOBAL - our social justice initiative honoring International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The largest sculpture court to date was at Wesleyan University with 650 students. We have an annual relationship with NYU Tisch School of the Arts where Latsky teaches ON DISPLAY to Tisch students who then join the company performing ON DISPLAY in the Tisch lobby.

  • Creative Brain/Healing Body Panel - A discussion about dance and the science behind it's healing potential featuring HLD dancers, researchers and doctors.

  • MARS (mindful activation release study) - After decades of training a wider variety of people as performers, Latsky has codified her unique meditative method that is the foundation of all her work. She and the company offer classes that are designed to be accessible and open to anyone regardless of experience.

  • Programs devoted to specific groups, most recently our spinal cord injury program supported by the Craig H Neilsen Foundation

  • Inclusion of community members in HLD performances from GIMP to ON DISPLAY.

  • Lectures and demonstrations that showcase use of technology in HLD's current work including Google’s Audio Augmented Reality and HLD's accessible app.

  • Task-driven workshops with students from NuVu Studios, where students interview specific dancers and then create a product either for them or about them.

  • Engaging with local hospitals to explore the connection between healing and the performing arts while encouraging self-expression within group activities.

  • Providing free open rehearsals to underrepresented communities and populations to dismantle barriers to accessing performing arts.

COMMUNITY RESIDENCIES IN NYC: JCC Manhattan, Hurleyville Arts Centre, City College, El Barrio’s Artspace, Harlem Art Walk, Juilliard School, La Guardia High School of Performing Arts, NYU Tisch, Baruch College, Barnard College.

COMMUNITY RESIDENCIES OUTSIDE OF NYC: American Dance Festival, Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, Beloit College, Pittsburgh Arts Council, Wesleyan University, Harvard University.

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