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D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D is an immersive experience at the intersection of dance, fashion and art, transforming each venue into a unique gallery space. Towards the end of 2018, HLD embarked on an exciting partnership with Google's Creative Lab to explore two disciplines; dance and contemporary performance, and audio Augmented Reality (AR). To learn more click here


"It was wonderful to be taken on the journey you shared, from the moment we entered the space. The juxtaposition between anonymity and intimacy that the experience allowed felt really - well unlike anything else. The sensuality of watching and sharing space with dancers as living sculptures encouraged me as a witness to celebrate their individuality (bodies, costumes, space, time and interactivity) while also allowing me to be in my own individual space and experience. It was the perfect mix."

Kara Gilmour
Senior Director of Community, Training and Artists Services
Gibney Dance

"HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on such a spectacular event. I honestly - I mean, I know what you do - but I was blown away. It was incredibly moving. I want to know what's next, I can't wait to see it again."

Liz Jackson
Founder, Chief Advocacy Officer
Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective

"Heidi Latsky’s D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D. is reached through several stories of descending stairway (or elevator), balcony, and lobby. On each level are encountered living sculptures, sometimes still as stone and other times in stylized motion.... The primacy of idealized bodies is challenged... the dancers acquire the pulse of a unified organism, yet one composed of unique beings...The achievement of D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D. is not to suggest that difference can or should be ignored. It has the shape of lives as they are lived in all our bodies, or ought to be, organically and without prejudgment, mindfully, with ebb and flow..." (Read Full Review Here)

John Osburn

"I sat...my fingers clenching the seat, as I watched professional dancers –performers with and without disabilities... Latsky created a guerrilla sculpture court, positioning dancers along the way: resembling the living statues in Times Square or on the Rambla in Barcelona — so still that their slow movements surprise us..." (Read Full Review Here)

Roslyn Bernstein

"D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D not only blurred the lines between audience and performer but between performance and life. As a spectator walking through the dancers I entertained questions while admiring the bodies, the art and fashion uncomfortably feeling that I too was ON DISPLAY.

I felt humbled contemplating the degree to which this uncomfortable feeling is experienced by the people around me. 

I thought about how we cultivate relationship to self and others and how that affects our shared experienced. I wondered if there exists a person that doesn’t feel some degree of self-consciousness in public.

I continue to investigate where rest from self-consciousness lies; in solitude, performance, in confidence or emotional armor. I settled into the anonymous safety of a spectator's seat. The dancers then burst into a relentless physical scream, a dialog of power, which seemed to say -   now that we are together in our vulnerable state you’re going to hear me, here’s a mirror, here’s our power, here’s what we can do together, bathe in my beauty, my confidence I own it now can you?"

Erin Dudley
Program Director
Hurleyville Arts Centre


March 8 - 10, 2018

Photo By: Charlotte Jones
Photo By: Chihiro Shimizu
Photo By: Charlotte Jones


  • "Suspended Disbelief": An Installation featuring Erin Ball suspended in the air with her wheelchair

  • Fashion by Timothy Westbrook, Susan Obrant, Anna Kathleen Little

  • Wearable art by NuVu Studio

  • Terrence Hewitt's Sculpture "Female": a plaster torso designed specifically for D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D

  • Film by Janet Wong, Paul Galando, Heidi Latsky

  • Live Sculptures featuring guests from AXIS Dance Company and the Baruch Community.

  • Central sculpture court with music by Ximena Borges, Chris Brierley, Stan Harrison, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Lord Jamal, & 4 Wheel City