GIMP: 'gimp (gimp) 1. a ribbonlike, braided fabric 2. fighting spirit; vigor 3. a lame person 4. slang; a halting, lame walk 5. to turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically

GIMP premiered at the North Fourth Arts Center in New Mexico. The 70-minute dance theatre event redefines virtuosity through the collision of disability and dance, and features four trained dancers and four performers with physical disabilities.  Working with this unexpected palette of limbs, GIMP "forces our eyes and minds to perceive beauty not as a static artifact of conventional perfection but as a dynamic construct of effort and intentionality," (Ivan Sygoda, Pentacle) and is "a gleaming milestone in the progress of contemporary dance and theater." (Theodore Bale, Dance Magazine).

An excerpt from the beginning

Lisa Bufano was a visual artist and Heidi's first muse. Her equal exhibition of fierceness and vulnerability captivated Heidi's artistic eye and challenged the choreographer to envision strong, inclusive work with people with disabilities. Their meeting in 2006 genuinely sparked HLD's progressive aesthetic.