Darial Sneed

Darial Sneed


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"The achievement of D.I.S.P.L.A.Y.E.D. is not to suggest that difference can or should be ignored. It has the shape of lives as they are lived in all our bodies, or ought to be, organically and without prejudgment, mindfully, with ebb and flow..." (Read Full Review Here)

John Osburn

"I sat...my fingers clenching the seat, as I watched professional dancers –performers with and without disabilities... Latsky created a guerrilla sculpture court, positioning dancers along the way: resembling the living statues in Times Square or on the Rambla in Barcelona — so still that their slow movements surprise us..." (Read the full review Here)

Roslyn Bernstein

Conducted in April 2015 in Montclair, New Jersey at the performance of "TRIPTYCH"
Correspondent John Bathke and News 12 New Jersey received a National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Award for this piece, bestowed by the Los Angeles Press Club


Heidi Latsky Dance in Lincoln, NE as part of an Interdisciplinary Arts Symposium connected with UNL.

Heidi Latsky—a choreographer and dancer of uncommon intelligence and fluidity...
— The New York Times
GIMP” takes the “dis” out of disabled and reveals a whole new realm of abilities.
— The Washington Post
The performers are like a thicket of trees subsisting on the same soil, light, and water, but each expressing its response to those elements with irrefutable distinction.
— Dance Magazine
Heidi Latsky’s GIMP…is one of those ideas that arrive as visionary, only to soon inspire the question: Why Not?
— Chicago Tribune
If art is supposed to make you think, feel, and experience something outside of the bounds of what you are accustomed to, IF is just that work.
— Huffington Post