Premiered at Peak Performances @ Montclair State in April 2015, with lighting design by Robert Wierzel, TRIPTYCH includes SOLO COUNTERSOLO (2013), a revised SOMEWHERE, and the premiere of SOLILOQUY, a film. Latsky was selected by MSU as the first participant in "Dance for Film on Location at Montclair State University," a three-year short film initiative underwritten by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Through elegant landscapes, intimate portraits, quiet stillnesses and frenetic bursts, SOLILOQUY addresses our propensity to judge people by their physical appearance and defies our preconceptions about dance, revealing virtuosity and beauty in unexpected ways. Latsky's intention was to create a film that conveys with deep intimacy the people in it--something she feels is much harder to accomplish in a live dance performance, where the audience’s distance from the dancers inhibits them from seeing the dancers’ faces. SOLILOQUY is a magnifying glass, an entree into the internal worlds of everyone in it. Similarly, set to an original score by Ximena Borges and featuring a diverse cast, this version of SOMEWHERE is a poetic interweaving of solos and duets, embracing difference and the inherent isolation of being human with fierceness and frankness.

Performed April 16-18, 2015 Peak Performances Montclair State University Kasser Theatre Choreography: Heidi Latsky, in collaboration with the dancers Lighting Design: Robert Wierzel Original Music: Ximena Borges Costumes: Carlos Arias Dancers: Brynt Beitman, Meredith Fages, Jerron Herman, Jillian Hollis, Heidi Latsky, Saki Masuda, Robert Simpson, Alexandria Wailes, Gregory Youdan, Jr. Footage provided by Montclair State University