We Value

Company voices

Our performers range vastly in composition, background, and experience, but their voices are invaluable to the company's strength.

HLD has always "mined the unique attributes" of its dancers for authentic performances and is developing the same process to create sustainable leaders in the arts and nonprofit sectors.

Dance to Lead is our program to transition company artists, interns and volunteers, especially people with disabilities, into nonprofit leaders who manage administrative positions that shape the culture and trajectory of the company. 


Access is not an afterthought but integral to our art making. From captioning photos to audio description, our company voice is integrated into our work and everyone is involved in making that possible.

Accessibility Director, Peter Troijic, leads the company's access strategies and advocates for our HLD community by cataloguing dancers' access needs and liaising with venues.



HLD is not just a dance company, but has ambitions of intersecting with other sectors as a partner - aiding young designers in the creation of beautiful wearable art pieces, speaking at education symposia and to government agencies, working with corporations, or assisting brand launches.

In addition we maintain our artistic practice of collaboration with new designers, artists, and thinkers to expand our reach.